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Total Solution

Print Management 

Do you know what your organisation could save on printing? Up to 3% of revenue is spent on printing*and proactive management of print costs can save up to 40% of that expenditure. 

We will help you review your internal print procedures and costs. By deploying the right multifunctional devices and print management software, each print job is always routed to the most cost-effective device.


EPM or Enterprise Print Management is an integrated family of hardware, software and services that will identify, reduce and manage your printer, copier and total cost of printing including: 

  • Consumables costs including user maintenance kits
  • Maintenance and repair costs
  • Printer/Copier/Fax acquisition costs
  • Consumables order processing costs
  • IT support costs


Canon Copier Overview

These days, IT operations are under a microscope like never before. The pressure is on to run compliant, cost-effective operations that maximize productivity and minimize costs. More and more organizations are taking the time to look at their printing environment and ask how they can identify and implement print cost-saving opportunities. A recent IDC report finds that enterprises spend little attention to their imaging, printing and document distribution costs. This is due to the fact that the P&L responsibility for the various costs are usually very fragmented (IT, Purchasing, Facilities and individual Cost centers). IDC research shows that even direct hardcopy costs (hardware, supplies, maintenance, and support) are between 1% and 2% of total corporate revenues in Fortune 2500 companies. Separate studies by Gartner, IDC and CAP Ventures have concluded that organizations stand to reduce their overall cost of printing by up to 30%. You cannot manage and reduce your Total Cost of Printing until you fully understand all the costs involved. To help organizations address the operational challenges presented by an unmanaged imaging and printing environment, Enterprise Print Management (EPM) is offered.

Development Process 


  • Inventory your print environment
  • Annual print volume by device
  • Color printer usage
  • Life expectancy by device
  • Physical location of each device
  • Identify under/over utilized devices
  • Determine total cost of printing - Consumables, maintenance, repairs, acquisition
  • Determine areas of potential cost-savings


Development ProcessDesign 

  • Determine user requirements
  • Develop a balanced re-deployment plan
  • Develop plan to standardize the equipment infrastructure
  • Develop a cost-effective Technology Refresh Plan


  • Implement an initial pilot plan
  • Assess the results and make changes as necessary
  • Implement the plan for all other users


  • Monitor and review on a quarterly basis
  • Cost of printing
  • Usage reporting
  • Service/repair histories
  • Consumables reporting


Cut Cost Upto 40% 

Save Upto 40% 

Features and benefits of EPM 

Cost of Ownership 

In terms of print hardware, Enterprise Print combines a reduced number of traditional print devices with a number of strategically placed Multifunctional Printers which offer a significantly lower Total Cost of Ownership. The reduced fleet size offers cost and environmental benefits. In addition, the MFP's offer greater functionality with high speed printing, copying, A3/A4 printing, and double sided printing. In some cases, this can be both black and white and colour capable. The MFP's are provided on a fixed cost per page model which includes servicing, fixed SLA's for servicing calls and a regular usage audit to ensure devices are deployed in the optimum locations. Benefits of this are accountability which in turn keeps costs to a minimum and as the service is taken care of, valuable time is freed up for the IT department.

Implementing Balances 

Balances are implemented and communicated to employees in order to initiate boundaries of how much print/copy they are allowed to use. These balances can vary between year, groups and departments. Once the balance runs out, the employee will be forced into action to replenish the balance. This can be done free of charge or the organization may wish to charge the employee for the excess. The benefits of this are that the employee will not waste their balance with needless output, reducing costs, control and accountability is obtained, and possible cost recovery can be achieved.

Canon Copier Reporting


A full reporting system is available so that all output can be monitored for employees. Employees are usually not set balances, but reporting allows vision on who is copying and printing, in what format and to which machine. This allows control and facilitates departmental recharging. There are also full reporting capabilities on the status of each MFP, alerting the relevant people if toner or paper is running low, if there is a paper jam or if the machine is down altogether. This ensures rapid response rates for engineers and minimizes machine downtime. 

Rules & Routing 

Rules can be set in order to control and restrict the functionality of the MFP for different user groups. You can also automatically force particular jobs to be sent to certain machines. For example, print jobs of over 100 pages are automatically produced on the large more efficient reprographics room machine. Benefits of this are that costs are kept to a minimum, abuse is limited and bottlenecks in open access areas are reduced. 

Personal Paperless Document Manager

Powerful, Personalized Document Scanning and Routing


  • Overview


Simple, Personalised Scanning

  • Establish complete control over scanning by setting up custom workflows, right from your desktop computer.
    • Know exactly where scanned files are going without guesswork.
    • Complete common tasks more quickly, without reprogramming scan-to destinations every time you walk up to the MFP.
    • Scan and format files directly to your computer - or other destinations - in the fewest possible steps conveniently and securely.
    • View any Ricoh MFPs on the network from your desktop computer and change the destinations, workflows and scanning preferences.
    • Improve user productivity immediately to achieve faster ROI.

One-Touch Distribution

  • PPDM makes document distribution easy, secure and productive. Use it to send paper and electronic files from Ricoh MFPs to virtually any destination.
    • Replace manual, paper-based processes - dramatically reducing wasted paper and toner.
    • Capture paper documents and send them to e-mail systems, FTP sites, Web folders, Microsoft SharePoint servers and ODMAsupporting content management systems.
    • Combine options, destinations and formats into one seamless operation available as a single button on the Ricoh MFP’s touchscreen interface.
    • Open and save PDF files directly from your desktop computer with native support for SharePoint 2007, Interwoven, Open Text and LexisNexis CaseMap.
    • Take advantage of advanced workflow capabilities to combine complex document conversion and routing operations into one easy, automatic step.

Create, Assemble and Edit PDFs

  • Create compact, universally readable PDFs from text files, spreadsheets and scanned paper using drag-and-drop tools - just as easily as assembling paper.
    • Scan, create and combine industry-standard PDF files from applications that are compatible with - but do not require - Adobe® Acrobat®.
    • Share colour documents easily with super-compressed scanned colour PDF files that are up to eight times smaller than conventional JPEGs.
    • Merge documents from different folders - such as one from your computer and another from Microsoft SharePoint - with the innovative split-desktop feature.
    • Enhanced security with 128-bit password in order to view, change or print a PDF.
    • Create searchable PDF files to easily locate text within scanned files, via your desktop PC or an enterprise document management system.
    • Create empty, ready-to-fill forms from scanned or static PDF forms.
    • Organise multiple document types and simplify sharing with PDF packages.
    • Perform a wide range of editing operations: annotate, redact or highlight text; clean up scanned images; touch up text and images; add stamps, watermarks and Bates stamping; and change colours, fonts or text size.

Advanced File Conversion

  • PPDM offers an array of sophisticated document conversion tools that redefine the possibilities of workflow efficiency.
    • Eliminate the need to recreate existing documents by converting static paper and PDF documents into editable text documents in seconds. Converted files retain original formatting (columns, tables, bullets, graphics) and text flow.
    • Use Logical Form Recognition™, an advanced form conversion technology, to turn paper forms into PDF or Microsoft Word forms that can be edited or filled.
    • Extract data from filled PDF or printed forms into spreadsheets or databases. For example, you can automatically collect employee information from a benefits form and convert it into a sortable, searchable spreadsheet.
    • Convert paper and PDF files into WAV audio files that can be listened to any time and anywhere.